Thursday, August 23, 2012

Richard Kay of the Daily Mail on Garry O'Connor

Daily Mail Columnist Richard Kay
The Daily Mail's Richard Kay makes the point! Writer Garry O'Connor, known for his 'warts-and-all biographies' of  Vivien Leigh and Alec Guinness, and lesser performers the Blairs of Number 10, has penned a sensational personal memoir. Published as two plays, it has the intriguing title Debussy Was My Grandfather.

O'Connor recently discovered that Maggie Teyte, a great British soprano of the early twentieth century, was his grandmother, through her liaison with the celebrated French composer Claude Debussy. Debussy coached the teenage Maggie when she lived in Paris. O'Connor had always believed her to be his great-aunt, but now it appears she was his grandmother.

'I can't say it has changed my life,' says Garry. 'But it might explain why I am such a good guitar player.'

Debussy Was My Grandfather is published by CentreHouse Press. Read more from Richard Kay.

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