Friday, April 12, 2013

A Guide to Dartmoor's Lydford

Lydford, by Tony Phillips
Dartmoor is one of the UK’s National Parks, and is situated in Devon in the Southwest of England. The Essential Dartmoor Series, published by CentreHouse Press, and written by travel writer Tony Phillips, is a collection of tourist and travel guides, featuring some well known and not so well known areas of Dartmoor. The first in the series, ‘Lydford’, ranges from Lydford’s Saxon past, to the sixth-century founding of its first Christian church, to its tin mining in the Middle Ages. At that time, with its jurisdiction over the stannary districts of Devon, it gained a fearful reputation for its harsh laws and cruel punishments. Today Lydford is a quiet village nestling in the western edge of Dartmoor, with an enormous fund of history. Publication includes comprehensive guide to local facilities and accommodation. Available on Amazon Kindle in the USA here, and in the UK and Europe etc. here.

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