Monday, June 16, 2014

Aggie and the Ice Floe

Aggie and the Ice Floe, by Power McTeal
As children's author Power McTeal explains, 'Aggie and the Ice Floe is my adventure story about a young boy whose sleepy world is woken up to a first fall of snow. It is inspired by a trip I made recently to the Niagara Falls.'

When that young boy Aggie rushes outside to play, he doesn't expect quite the adventure the snow has brought with it, and the friendship he will form with a balloonist called Brandon, who rescues Aggie as he gets into difficulty playing on a frozen river.

The author goes on: 'I am so lucky my book is adorned with the beautiful illustrations of children's illustrator Dawn Hunter.'

The book is published by CentreHouse Press, release date 1 July 2014. Primary school age range six to nine.

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